ELITE Sites List


On this list you can find only the top Paid to Click and other programs, practically the best of the best that I’m working with. All of the programs listed here have been proven to work legitimately and are being subjected to 3 years testing.
Main characteristics required for website to appear on our Elite list are:

    Check sign   PTC site is in business for at least 5 years
    Check sign   Paying on time according to their TOS (?)
    Check sign   Stable business plan, without mayor changes
    Check sign   Reliable customer support
    Check sign   Wide range user database (100 000+)
    Check sign   Solid earning potential

Our Elite PTC sites list will be small but only well managed and established Paid to Click programs will be included onto. Privilege to join this list would have any website that fulfill above requirements.

Site Online Time Minimum
Paid Full Review


(Cheque: $10)

82 times Full Review


42 times Full Review


Full Review


Full Review

On the other hand, any website that does not meet any of the requirements will be downgraded/ removed from the Elite PTC list.

Some of the most common reasons for a website to be removed from this list or not being able to appear are:

    Check sign   Delays or restriction (selective) payments to its members.
    Check sign   Unstable business plan with unannounced changes
    Check sign   Closing member accounts without valid reasons
    Check sign   Reset members’ balances / deleting of referrals
    Check sign   Removing of forum or weakly customer support
    Check sign   Low ads count / weak earning potential
    Check sign   Owner of a website is connected to previously suspicious activity with another website
    Check sign   Changes in ownership without clear notice

Note We do not classify websites based on ROI, number of payment methods and waiting time, price and/or direct or rented referrals earning as well as the earning potential in general. Our list contains and indicates currently trusted sources of Paid to Click income.