New Sites

NEW PTC List (paid at least 1 times)

Websites you can find on this list are those still young in Paid to Click business for us so we are testing the waters out with them. Any website listed here paid us minimum 1 time and this is, by the way, a major cause for listing them. The rest of the list may take a PTC(s) which came in degraded from our Trusted Sites list, if we found it for not being able to fulfill all requirements there anymore. Such can be caused by variety of problems which may look harmless at first glance. Examples would be: Site has changed its owner recently, had unexpected/unannounced changes in TOS, switching off any of the payment ways which had been initially supported and/or various other odd site’s actions.

Anyhow, all of these have yet to prove themselves and we will wait for them to do so before we pass judgment on them.
Excluding the downgraded websites, the main characteristics required for website to appear on our New Sites list are:

    Check sign   We have been paid regularly 1 time
    Check sign   Site must not require investment
    Check sign   We have made a decision to test certain website, whether it is new or timely older one (with our beliefs the same may be sustainable and have promising results)

    Check sign   PTC site must not have any connection, especially in ownership with previously bad labeled/scam website

Caution If you tend to invest in some listed here, we would strongly suggest you to spend some time with the chose website first (at least 3+ months) before deciding to put your money in.

Site Online Time Minimum
Paid Full Review


Full Review


Full Review

Some of the most common reasons for a website to be removed from this list or not being able to appear/being promoted to our Trusted Sites list are:

    Check sign   Site requires investment
    Check sign   Pay its members selectively
    Check sign   Unstable business plan with many unannounced changes
    Check sign   Closing member accounts without valid reasons
    Check sign   Reset members’ balances / deleting of referrals
    Check sign   Removing of forum when site experiencing obvious problem(s)
    Check sign   Site has been discovered for having a connection with previously bad labeled/scam PTC

Note We do not classify websites based on ROI, number of payment methods and waiting time, price and/or direct or rented referrals earning as well as the earning potential in general. Our list contains and indicates on currently legitimate and trusted sources of Paid to Click income.