Temporary Cashout Problems with Payza (ClixSense)

Temporary cashout problems with Payza (ClixSense)

ClixSense has announced on last Monday that they would be temporary unable to process cashout requests placed with Payza due to the issues with funding their Payza account. As it has been said, the problem is caused by their bank which use Western Union to wire funds to Payza associated banks. This delay with Payza payouts should just be temporary since they are already working on setting up an account with an alternative bank for the funding purposes.


From our perspective, this shouldn’t result to you in any panic, taking into account that ClixSense had experienced difficulties with Payza several times before. On the other hand, don’t forget that Paypal services were permanently discontinued recently, hence they will do everything in their power to keep collaboration with one of its best alternatives besides Skrill.

Wherever this goes to and whatever happens, we will keep you posted. 😉