Paypal Problems (ClixSense)

ClixSense Problems with PayPal

ClixSense has announced on 9th February they have to discontinue using Paypal payment services for either, money in as well as money out. The decision has come in exclusively from Paypal department and reason for this is the tendency and efforts from them to stop supporting any PTC/Traffic Exchange/HYIPs and similar-to-these model types of business. In this respect, the ClixSense program has also been affected.

In our opinion this could bring in a problem to majority of ClixSense members who prefer simplicity and easy cashout system which have been working smoothly by Paypal for many years. Luckily, they’ve announced bringing back Payza as soon as by the end of next week. Apart from Payza, they’ve introduced Paytoo not so recently, and Tango Card just recently. Skrill has also gave ClixSense a green sign, and there’s an ongoing work to implement it with the platform. In essence there’re yet quite good alternatives to Paypal, along with checks supporting members from USA and Canada that we also haven’t mentioned. Whatsoever, ClixSense is one of the best and most trusted sites in this niche (if not the best) so don’t lose your hope nor have in plan to give up. They’ll certainly last for many upcoming years!
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