Hand WaveDobrodošli na Legit PTC Sites web stranicu za čitanje recenzija i iskustava o PTC („Paid to Click“) sajtovima i drugim programima koji pružaju zaradu na internetu. Prikupljaćemo informacije sa interneta, postovati skrinšotove i onog što budemo pronašli. Obzirom da prvenstveno PTC sajtovi imaju tendenciju da menjaju svoju politiku poslovanja i da tek naprsno nestanu, verujemo da je veoma važno da sakupimo sve informacije i obelodanimo ih na ovoj stranici. Posebno ako njihovi vlasnici imaju tendenciju da pokupe pare i sklone se.

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29 April, 2017: (ClixSense) Country Added: Vietnam – Great news to all from Vietnam! Today on April 29, ClixSense has finally opened
registrations to people from Vietnam…
20 April, 2017: (ClixSense) Temporary problems with PayzaClixSense has announced on last Monday that they would be temporary unable to
process cashout requests placed with Payza..
14 February, 2017: (ClixSense) Problems with PaypalClixSense has announced on 9th February they have to discontinue using Paypal
payment services..
26 November, 2016: (CashNhits) – CashNhits was removed from our listings due to allegedly problems with hacking for more than 6 months now.
2 February, 2016: (EpicClix) – EpicClix has just been promoted from New Sites to our Trusted Sites listing .

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