Hand WaveDobrodošli na Legit PTC Sites web stranicu za čitanje recenzija i iskustava o PTC („Paid to Click“) sajtovima i drugim programima koji pružaju zaradu na internetu. Mi ćemo prikupljati informacije sa interneta i postovati skrinšotove i onog što budemo pronašli. Obzirom da prvenstveno PTC sajtovi imaju tendenciju da menjaju svoju politiku poslovanja i da tek naprsno nestanu, verujemo da je veoma važno da sakupimo sve informacije i obelodanimo ih na ovoj stranici. Posebno ako njihovi vlasnici imaju tendenciju da pokupe pare i sklone se.
Nažalost, većina PTC sajtova kao i ostalih koji nude zaradu na internetu su klasične prevare. Sa druge strane, postoje i oni, legitimni na kojima možete ostvariti neku pasivnu/dodatnu zaradu. Iz tog razloga smo i mi ovde. To give you some feedback and give you our opinion on whether a site can be trusted. Most of our info can be found on the net. Through visiting Chat rooms and reading current member’s feedback, or through blogs, and other review sites.

Here is how we will be ranking sites:
scamScam List – Site has a damaging evidence of it being poorly run, connected to another site, or is a scam. Either from member’s feedbacks, or a owner’s history. Evidence showing from a previous failing or closed site. Could be late on payments too, or no payments being made for the earnings made by members. (scam = deprive of by deceit)

Watch ListWatch List – Site on the verge of becoming a scam. Falling behind on payments. Can also mean the site has ties with another site or previous owner. Some site owners will sell their site if they are failing. When this happens the current site owner will delete or ban members with pending payouts in order to delete old debt. Then the new owner will take control of the site. Most of these takeovers do not work and the site ends up closing anyways. Leaving old and new members scammed.

closedClosed List – Sites that decided to close the site, but paid all it’s members and refunded purchases. Very few will actually be on this list since most will take the money and run.

New Sites – Site is too new, or it is a untested site. Under 3 – 6 months old. Use caution, and do not invest large amounts of money until site is fully established. Also controversial sites will be put on this list.

Trusted List – Sites that are paying and continue to do so. However, these sites status can change at any time due to newness or a few issues. Most are under 3 years old

Elite List – Well established sites and have very little complaints. Any and all sites that pay. Either affiliate sites like or a PTC site. Proofs of payments are given. Most are 3 years and older.

If you have any questions or would like us to look at a site fell free to leave a comment. If you are a owner of a PTC and think we have unfairly reviewed your site you are also welcome to leave a comment or Contact Us.

We have also added a page for those who have been sending us site for us to look at. When we have time we will review those sites. You can track our progress here. If you can please give us the correct spelling and web address, that will help us find the site you are asking about.

Bad Example: Eazy hits for you

It will make it easier for us to review and not have to guess which site you are asking about. Some sites will have .net .info .us .com and so on.

And, please, no porn PTC/GPT sites.

PTC Reviews and articles

Majority of the sites listed here are established, successful, well reputed and above all paying on time.

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26 November, 2016: (CashNhits) – CashNhits was removed from our listings due to allegedly problems with hacking for more than 6 months now.
2 February, 2016: (EpicClix) – EpicClix has just been promoted from New Sites to our Trusted Sites listing .

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